If everyone produced food this way, the world would be a better place

Pure genius

Our processes don’t consume water, they create it. Traditional farms need vast amounts of finite ground and surface water resources to grow produce.

Sundrop Farms need neither. Our desalination process produces freshwater that is pure and distilled, with no need for chemical treatment.

We use the sun for energy

Because fossil fuels are for dinosaurs. Traditional greenhouses that use fossil fuels are prehistoric compared to ours.

At Sundrop Farms we use sunlight to cool, heat and run our growing environments, so we’re not adding to the world’s output of C02.

Keeping costs consistently low

How do we avoid passing on volatile water and energy costs to our consumers?

We don’t use either in our production processes.
Instead we turn to abundant, renewable inputs like sea water and heat from the sun.


We grow food in abundance where no one has ever grown before

Where traditional agriculture methods struggle to produce, Sundrop Farms can grow fruit and vegetables in abundance. In previously barren areas our yields are 15-30 times higher per hectare than conventional field production.

We’re miles better at supplying customers.

Our way of growing lets us farm close to end consumers. So there’s no need to transport food vast distances. That means that everything is fresher too.

We’re just the job for creating long-term green employment

We train people in the latest growing practices, employing over 150 at our Australian facility alone. And across the world we’re creating meaningful careers for people in sustainable agriculture.

We harness nature to help keep pests out

As well as using carnivorous insects to control pests, we’ve also found that they don’t like the saltwater that we use to help keep our greenhouses cool.

More delicious and healthier produce, naturally

The way we grow fruit and vegetables is beneficial for the planet and for business too. It’s also good for you, as it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, and low in fat and sodium. Even better, it tastes delicious.

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