A Life in the Day – Marcos, Business Development

Find out what life is like at Sundrop
BY Sundrop Farms
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We receive lots of enquiries asking what it’s like to work here at Sundrop, so we thought we’d give you an idea by asking Marcos in our Business Development team to describe a typical day. Over the coming months we’ll be featuring team members from all departments at Sundrop – if you like what you read head here to find our current vacancies.


Marcos: Although I’m based in our London office, I spend lots of time at our projects around the world. One of my favourite places to visit is Portugal – good food, good language and a brilliant farm! I also love the Portuguese weather – being born and raised in Brazil  I miss the sun on drizzly London days!

I was born in Sao Paulo; my mother is Brazilian but my father is from Uruguay –  this gives me two chances to win at every World Cup and means I can speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese and English; pretty useful in a company with operations on three continents and counting!

A typical day in Portugal starts early – it’s much easier to get up when the sun is shining! The region around the farm is beautiful countryside, and very close to the Atlantic Ocean – I’m always pretty busy when there but try to make time to go to the beach if I can.

After breakfast I head straight to the farm so that I can take part in the daily meeting at 8am sharp – the whole team, including management, growers and operational staff, get together and discuss the daily plan. Every day is different, even in the relatively consistent climate of Odemira, which means slight adjustments need to be made to the greenhouse settings to ensure that the berries we produce are as good as possible. Afterwards I might have a meeting with a local partner – speaking Portuguese makes this much easier! I’ll then look at data on every aspect of the plants and cropping schedules to make sure that everything is on track and so that I can brief the office in London – it really is a team effort.

After lunch (which I will have prepared myself in the morning – unless you’re urban farming, growing facilities can be quite far away from the shops and cafes), I jump in my car and head up to Lisbon for meetings. It might be a catch-up with one of our partners or suppliers to fine tune and support our current operations, or a meeting to help with business development initiatives. We’re always working on ways to improve our current facilities and developing exciting new projects across the globe.

Then I’ll head to the airport and catch a flight back to London. Apart from missing my wife of course, I often miss football games when I am travelling. I don’t have a London team yet but tend to follow whoever has the most Brazilians! And of course, I follow from distance my local football club in Brazil, São Paulo FC (we beat Liverpool in 2005 world club championship!) As well as football, I enjoy swimming and have recently learnt to dive for a family vacation back home in Brazil.

If I arrive home eat a decent time I’ll have dinner with my wife – although I know I’ll miss the Portuguese food – the seafood from the Odemira region is some of the best in the world, and Restaurant Costa Alentejana in Zambujeira do Mar is a firm Sundrop favourite.

We got married in 2014, the day before we jumped on a plane to London to begin a Masters at London Business School. I would like to clarify that this was not our honeymoon! We studied together before starting work – before Sundrop I was working for a real estate private equity firm, but find Sundrop much more interesting; I do a huge variety of work and love the responsibility that I’m given.

Before bed I’ll check my schedule to make sure I’m ready for the next day – preparation is very important to make sure that we get the most out of every meeting and call. With all this travelling and excitement I tend to sleep well most nights.

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