Our Values

Our core beliefs inspire everything that we do

Our mission

Growing the most delicious and natural fruit and vegetables that are:

  • Better for people: high quality produce, all year, in any climate
  • Better for the planet: circular, restorative processes using abundant renewable resources
  • Better for business: genuine long-term partnerships for profitable, predictable supply

Our core beliefs

These provide a framework for our mission and guides every aspect of our business:

  • Nature is a partner, not a supplier
  • People are our most important asset, and we go out of our way to hire exceptional talent
  • Delicious, natural food is affordable
  • In scarcity, there is opportunity for abundance
  • Re-imagining agriculture requires creativity and a strong sense of entrepreneurship
  • Maximising long-term and sustainable profits helps spread our business model to new locations and helps our partners, the planet, and our people.
our values
our values

Our aims

We want to be the preferred fruit and vegetable choice for everyone. Supermarkets, shoppers and, because of our sustainable methods, even governments.

We’d like to become such a natural choice – in every sense of the word – that one day people write “Sundrop” on their shopping lists instead of fruit or vegetables. Oh yes, and along the way, we want to help save the planet.

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