Triple Bottom Line

The only bottom line that most companies worry about is profits

However, we firmly believe business should be a force for good and benefit more than
its shareholders.

So as well as being in profit, our mission is to also benefit the environment and the
local community in which we operate.

Together they are known as “People, Planet and Profits”.
And we consider ourselves in the black on all three accounts.

triple bottom line

People as the bottom line

We hire locally when we can. In an industry where traditionally many
people work in poor conditions and on temporary contracts, we aim to
attract team members who want to become a permanent part of our
movement. We share a common goal of revolutionising agriculture and
we don’t see them as working for us, but becoming part of the team.

Planet as the bottom line

The price people pay for food isn’t its true cost. To add that up, you
need to include all the negative externalities of traditional agriculture.
By using renewable inputs in our production of fresh fruit and
vegetable, we’re creating a benefit for the environment and restoring
ecosystems, rather than depleting them.

Profit as the bottom line

Profits are necessary to encourage investment, pay living wages and to give a company
momentum that doesn’t rely on others.

There’s skepticism about renewable energy and whether it can is survive on its own. But by
substituting fossil fuels with renewable inputs, Sundrop is producing a cheaper
produce for customers and has created a successful commercial model.

Our system proves that it’s possible to feed the world with fresh fruit and vegetables
that don’t cost the earth. Sundrop is a revolution in agriculture that will help
reverse the gloomy trend of inefficient production and global warming. And hope for
a better future for everyone is the ultimate bottom line.

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