Whoever we supply, we always deliver the same thing. Excellence.

We offer consistency to our customers

Our fruit and vegetables always look fantastic. They always taste delicious. And,
because we grow them in a controlled climate environment, they are not affected by
weather. So they are never less than perfect.

Perennially popular

Because our supply and its quality never wavers, its price doesn’t have to
either. Perennially scrumptious fruit and vegetables that are always affordable? It’s a
supermarket and greengrocer’s dream. And it makes us rather popular with
consumers too.

We like retail partners who share our values

One retailer who loves what we can offer is Coles, a leading
Australian supermarket chain. Sharing our passion for natural,
locally grown and environmentally sustainable produce, we
supply them exclusively with produce across their 750 retail
outlets across Australia. This is the first of many successful partnerships across the

Because we believe in consistently strong partnerships too.

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