Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions right here

Where can I buy your tomatoes?

Our delicious, sustainable tomatoes are exclusively available at Coles Supermarkets across Australia.

What is the big tower at your Port Augusta farm?

That is our state-of-the-art solar tower.  It produces energy to power the growing systems and to heat and cool the greenhouses as required. It is 115m high and has 23,000 mirrors pointed at it. Sorry; we don’t offer trips to the top!

Where does the water you use come from?

We use water from two sources to keep our plants happy and healthy. We collect all the rainwater that falls on our greenhouses to re-use. We also take water from the sea and remove the salt from it; this is called desalination. We use a thermal desalination system that is powered by our solar tower.

What happens to the left over salt?

Our thermal desalination system produces both fresh water and water with higher levels of salt.  This saltwater is cooled, mixed with seawater, and then returned to the sea once the salt levels have returned to normal.  This closed loop seawater system has been designed by world leaders in water management technology, with cooperation and certification from multiple professional, academic, and regulatory bodies.

Do you offer tours of your farms?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer tours of our farms.

How can I work for Sundrop Farms?

Please click here for information on all current vacancies.

Do you offer work experience?

To register your interest in work experience please send across an e-mail, complete with your C.V., to

How can I invest in Sundrop Farms?

Sundrop Farms is currently a privately held enterprise with no immediate plans for listing or similar investment opportunities.

Where is the next Sundrop Farms going to be?

Please check the Facilities page on this website; we keep it updated with all our upcoming projects.

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