Meet our Team – Austin

Your chance to get to know one of our team-members
BY Sundrop Farms
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In this week’s blog, we thought we’d ask one of our growers to explain a little bit more about his role here at Sundrop and what led him here. Over to you Austin:

I grew up on a family greenhouse farm, which was a blessing but something that I often took for granted at the time! It allowed me to get hands on experience of growing a variety of crops at an age when most children don’t know where a tomato comes from!

Now as I look back I see that the efforts and teachings of my grandfather are the primary reasons that I have been able to make it to where I am today. My grandfather began experimenting with greenhouse production in the early 1960s, before most people knew what a greenhouse was, and he was way ahead of his time.

On the farm he instilled in me many life lessons, including responsibility, hard work and honesty. However, it was his forward-thinking mentality that sparked an interest in controlled environment agriculture in me, something that remains to this day.

That desire to be an innovator drove me to North Carolina State University (go Wolfpack!), where I studied Agricultural Business Management, Horticultural Science, and Crop Science.

On top of my studies I also worked with researchers on projects focused on sustainable controlled-environment crop production, and was lucky enough to travel to Italy, Croatia and the U.K. to pursue my passion.

I joined Sundrop in 2016, and my role here is very fitting considering my background and aspirations.  As an agronomist on a brand new project I have had the opportunity to help oversee the construction, organization, and management of a large scale, bespoke greenhouse project.

It’s hard work at times, but the experience has shown me what it takes to manage a successful business, and it is sure to be invaluable as I progress in my career.

As my role evolves, I will work directly with our US and international teams to ensure that we provide our customers with top quality produce that meets and exceeds their needs.

I am excited to have the opportunity to be a Sundrop team member and I look forward to helping our farm and organization grow as we blaze a trail into the future of agriculture!


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