Impossible to grow? Not with our facilities.

Getting started

Where do we begin?
Somewhere inhospitable, dry and hot. A place that was previously considered too barren to grow anything, let alone mouth-watering, delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and more. All we require is that the ground is relatively flat so we can build our state-of-the-art greenhouses.

Desolate, dry, barren – and full of potential

Was our idea workable? Our first farm was opened in Port Augusta, South Australia in 2010. Here there is no fresh water, degraded pasture land and an unforgiving climate.
Could anyone successfully grow produce commercially in such a harsh environment?
Research and development, trial and error, failures and eventual success proved our dream was possible.


Our farm facilities

In 2010 we began operating Sundrop Farms’ first commercial greenhouse facility in South Australia. The greenhouse is situated at the top of the Spencer Gulf, near the city of Port Augusta. Given the lack of fresh water and the harsh climates, traditional horticulture isn’t feasible in this area. With the help of our proprietary technologies, we have been growing delicious, natural and high-quality produceusing Southern Ocean seawater and sunlight since then.

In 2014, we broke ground on a 20 hectare greenhouse which was completed in 2016. It uses a state-of-the-art solar tower to produce energy to power the plant growing systems and to heat and cool the greenhouses as required. It is 115m high and has 23,000 mirrors pointed at it. Our water once again comes from the Spencer Gulf, and is desalinated using our cutting edge thermal desalination plant.

All this technology goes into growing delicious tomatoes for Coles Supermarket, which can be found in stores nationwide.


Our first farm in Europe was completed in 2016, bringing Sundrop’s passion, technology and know-how to the continent. Check back here for more details soon!

We were very proud to break ground on a brand new farm in Tennessee during 2016. We are hard at work building a sustainable, technologically advanced Greenhouse featuring everything that you would expect from a Sundrop project. Stay tuned to the website and our social media channels for updates and more information.

We couldn’t have done it without you

We’ve learnt that, to succeed,  we need the help of local government and businesses. Our farm in South Australia was only made possible by the strong support of government, construction and our debt and equity funding partners.
We also know that we rely on the discerning palate of customers, who recognise that our fruit and vegetables aren’t just grown differently, but also taste more delicious than most of our competitors.


There’s a world of natural goodness out there

Now we are expanding.
What is already a success in Australia is growing. We’ve big plans for other markets too. Watch this dry and previously barren space.

Where to next?