Forging alliances with world-class institutions

Sundrop prides itself on forging long term relationships built on trust and shared ethical values. We partner with like minded organisations who share our vision for sustainable farming and our passion for producing fruit of the highest quality.

Coles Supermarkets is one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains with over 750 retail outlets, providing the highest quality food across Australia. Coles is wholly owned by Wesfarmers, one of Australia’s largest publicly listed companies.

Van der Hoeven has been designing and delivering projects for growers all over the world since 1953. The construction of projects in today’s horticultural sector involves increasing levels of complexity and exacting standards. Customers are demanding tailored, specific solutions that use energy and water highly efficiently to generate superior returns on project investment. Van der Hoeven’s greenhouses meet these high standards, while complying with legislation and regulations on food safety and other related matters. Moreover, Van der Hoeven uses the latest in horticultural technology that has been integrated into its projects to produce intelligent greenhouse solutions.

Aalborg CSP A/S is a world leader in concentrated solar power (CSP) boiler systems and technologies. Their globally recognized solutions are based on 25 years of experience with traditional steam boilers uniquely adapted to the CSP industry. Aalborg CSP is a turnkey supplier of steam generation systems, solar tower receivers, industrial solar boilers and integrated CSP energy systems that combine heat and electricity production as well as water desalination. Aalborg CSP has supplied steam systems to more than 330MWe CSP plants worldwide. With an engineering design that is centred on a value adding concept, the Aalborg CSP solutions aim to provide high bankability potential as a benefit of excellent and reliable performance.