Sundrop is the future

Sundrop Farms is a leading horticultural player in Australia producing high-value fruit using renewable sources.

Technology. Breaking farmings dependency on finite resources using nature

We’ve developed technologies that integrate solar power, electricity generation, fresh water production and hydroponics. It produces an equivalent quantity of food to that grown using traditional methods, but the quality is significantly better.
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Produce. But not as you know it

We are showing the world that you can grow delicious, mouthwatering produce without needing fossil fuels, vast amounts of fresh water and thousands of acres of cultivated farmland. We are breaking farming’s dependence on finite resources.
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Sundrop and our planet

A Sundrop greenhouse turns seawater and sunlight into energy and water. We then use sustainably sourced carbon dioxide and nutrients to maximise the growth of our crops.

Because we don’t need soil, we’re able to grow our produce on degraded land in arid areas previously considered too barren for agriculture.

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