Because of the way we grow them, nothing is like our fruit and vegetables

Nothing genetically modified

If you farm the conventional way,  you may consider using genetically modified seeds.
After all, it might make what you grow more resistant to disease.

You’ll need soil as well of course. Plus you’ll want lots of water.
And don’t forget chemicals for those pesky weeds.

It’s not what we put in, it’s what we leave out that matters

At Sundrop it’s what doesn’t go into our fruit and vegetables that makes the difference.

We take great care in selecting naturally bred seeds from delicious varieties of fruit
and vegetables. Instead of soil, we prefer to use coconut husk. There are very few
weeds and those that do pop up are pulled by hand.

We use water too, but ours is taken from the sea or from the rain on our (rather large) roofs. And we use that water again and again.


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  • produce

Never mind how healthy it is, it’s the taste that makes it irresistible

The result?

Tomatoes full of essential nutrients like potassium that can help reduce high blood
pressure. Peppers packed with vitamin C. to help keep cells healthy.

Chilies with capsaicin, a natural antioxidant that can protect against disease.
And fruit and vegetables that taste more delicious than you thought possible.


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