Today’s weather forecast is the same as yesterday’s and tomorrow’s. Perfect.

At Sundrop Farms there is only one season

The growing season. Our technology ensures optimal conditions for our plants to produce delicious tasting fruit and vegetables all year round .

Minimum waste, maximum taste

We control the climate and irrigation inside our greenhouses and ensure our fruit and vegetables have exactly the right levels of nutrients, light, water, temperature and carbon dioxide needed to thrive.

Plants are grown hydroponically, which is the technical way of saying we don’t use soil. Our plants flourish on nutrient-rich coconut husks instead.

The big advantage of farming this way is the control it gives us over plant nutrition levels. It ensures better produce and a better taste, too.

Water is reused and there is minimal waste.

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  • production

State-of-the-art technology. But we weed and pick produce by hand

Our growing methods are revolutionary. Our produce is extraordinarily good. But there’s nothing unnatural about our processes.

Unlike traditional agriculture our plants are kept in an ideal environment using the most sustainable methods possible. We even control plant eating bugs with carnivorous ones, just the way nature intended.

And our gardeners weed and pick produce by hand.

We believe that our sustainable production methods are the future of agriculture. Tomorrow’s world is a delicious one.

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