Sundrop System

An everlasting supply of sunshine and sea water to grow food in arid lands

An everlasting supply of sunshine
and sea water to grow food in arid

If you are a traditional farmer, you’ll need water and energy to grow your produce.
And you’ll need lots of it.

The challenge is that they are finite resources that are becoming ever scarcer.
Our solution? Not to use them!

We don’t extract groundwater from the planet at unsustainable rates. We don’t
rely on fossil fuels. And we don’t use soil or valuable farmlands.

Instead we’ve developed technologies that integrate solar power, electricity generation, fresh water production and hydroponics. It produces an
equivalent quantity of food to that grown using traditional methods, but the quality is
significantly better.

You can’t beat our system

We use the sun’s energy to produce freshwater for irrigation. And we turn it into electricity to power our greenhouse to heat and cool our crops.

Our ventilation also uses seawater to help cool the greenhouses, and we re-use water again and again.

Here’s how it works.

sundrop system

A conventional greenhouse uses groundwater for irrigation, gas for heating, and
electricity for cooling.

A Sundrop greenhouse turns seawater and sunlight into energy and water. We then
use sustainably sourced carbon dioxide and nutrients to maximise the growth of our

Because we don’t need soil, we’re able to grow our produce on degraded land in arid
areas previously considered too barren for agriculture.

But bite into a Sundrop tomato and your taste buds will tell you that it has become
possible to grow mouth-wateringly delicious fruit and vegetables in a desert.

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